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BKT Will Display at The National Farm Machinery Show

Aug 06, 2023Aug 06, 2023

BKT will have a presence at this year's National Farm Machinery Show. The company will display a variety of tire patterns for the public such as AW 711 for combine harvesters and hay balers, available in both IF and VF variants, as well as its Ridemax FL 693 M, designed for equipment facing frequent road travel such as trailers or tankers.

BKT said the Mud Power HD will also be on display, a skid steer tire that features a deep tread pattern providing traction on wet and soft terrain; RIB 713, a steel-belted tire for agricultural implements; and TR 135, specifically designed for farming tractors and trailers operating in soil tillage and spraying applications on difficult terrains.

BKT is also going to showcase the radial tires of the Agrimax range on a real tractor fitted with Agrimax RT 855. Not only is the tire ideal for tillage, or field and road travel, but also for harvesting and spraying. In addition, Agrimax Spargo, a VF tire for spraying equipment in row crop applications, will be displayed.

A BKT-branded ATV will also be at the booth along with tires specifically designed for this application. There will be an opportunity to see BKT's Sierra Max tire with a radial structure as well as the Bogmax, developed for wet and muddy terrains, and the W 207, which BKT said ensures maximum traction on any type of surface.