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CK International sees an increase in demand for semi

May 05, 2023May 05, 2023

CK International, market leading manufacturer of waste compaction equipment in the UK, has seen a recent increase in the demand for their semi-automatic balers. This past year has led to huge changes in the makeup of waste streams and the way that companies process waste. In these hard times, finding a baling solution that saves costs on labour, operation and consumables is vital for many companies, CK have found that the semi-automatic baler to be the ideal solution for their business.

CK International's UK & EU Commercial Manager, Andrew Smith comments, "In the past year we have found that many customers are taking advantage of the increased commodity values and are upgrading their waste compaction equipment. This has been most notable within the e-commerce and retail sectors who have seen a high increase in their waste material. The semi-automatic machine has been the preferred choice."

Smith continues, "I think there are several reasons why these customers have approached CK International for a recycling solution. We have been able understand their challenges and provide them with bespoke tailored solutions to ease their problem - whether that has been to decrease labour costs or improve on their commodity values. From conveyance to bin tipping or even reducing footprint, our internal design team were able to find a solution to suit their needs."

Some of the most recent projects where CK International have provided support include; waste management companies, e-commerce retailers, food manufacturers and the NHS. In a recent installation at a global food manufacturer the customer upgraded from a vertical baler to a CK450HFE semi-automated baler with bin tipping mechanism and safety cage. This customer noticed a reduction in labour whilst providing an increased commodity value for the baled material.

CK International manufactures one of the most extensive range of semi-automatic balers in the market. With 5 different models across the range, all materials are catered for. As semi-automatic balers process waste against a fixed surface, bale density in these machines often exceed that of channel balers. The machines are capable of processing up to 3 tonnes of material per hour with the product category split into 4 different series 400kg, 450kg, 600kg and 850kgs bales weights.

For more information on CK International's range of semi-automatic balers, you can visit or call: +44(0) 28 8775 3966.