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New Holland Hayliner returns with technology twist for small square balers

Aug 05, 2023Aug 05, 2023

New Holland is reaching to the past to introduce new technology to small square balers.

At the 2022 Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa, the equipment manufacturer announced that its well known Hayliner Series of small square baler would return to the market boosting a host of new technology. The new models include the Hayliner 265, Hayliner 275 and Hayliner 275 PLUS.

"These new balers are the next evolution in our commitment to enhancing the haymaking process and finding efficiencies at all levels of an operation," says Jordan Milewski, Hew Holland's conventional haytools marketing manager for North America.

Milewski adds that enhancing customer productivity was New Holland's top priority when developing the new precision electronic bale length system for the Hayliner Series. The electronic bale length control allows operators to set and calibrate for an accuracy of plus or minus 2 inches, leading to tighter stacks, reliable bale bundling and consistent hand-stacked mows. By measuring the total bale length and each individual flake, the electronic bale length control system predicts the next flake's thickness, then trips the knotter with greater accuracy than the mechanical solution.

With this system a new display is not required. Instead, the user interface is through the Electronic Bale Length Control app on an operator's smartphone or tablet. Connectivity is via a smartphone or tablet's Wi-Fi connection for a reliable connection and security with no data plan needed for operation.

Milewski says another benefit of the app-based system is the ability to provide real-time bale length and flake data, enabling operators to adjust ground speed to conditions to optimize the baler's capacity. In the app, job data, including average flake count per bale, average flake size, total bales produced, total hours operated and the average bales produced per hour, can be viewed and saved. (Story continues after the video)

Whether customers are making bales as part of a hobby operation or they’re a commercial haymaker baling a few thousand bales per day, Milewski says there's a Hayliner model that's the right fit.

The Hayliner 265 is suitable for traditional baling operations. It comes equipped with a 65-inch, five tine bar SuperSweep pickup rotary feeding system, and a fast, 93 stroke per minute plunger to increase baling productivity. Operators can choose between the standard-duty twine knotter or the reliable wire twisting system, as well as the triple-purpose chute, quarter-turn chute or Model 72 bale thrower.

For larger baling operations, the Hayliner 275 offers a 75-inch wide, six-bar SuperSweep pickup guided by a pneumatic gauge wheel to quickly gather bulky windrows. While the same options and wire twisting system found on the Hayliner 265 are optional on this baler, the twine knotter is upgraded to a heavy-duty design with a split frame for easy servicing and reliability.

The Hayliner 275 PLUS is built for professional-grade performance and suited for commercial operations. This baler offers superior bale density and shape that's ideal ahead of bale wagons and collection systems. Along with the same features found on the Hayliner 275, the Hayliner 275 PLUS is equipped with hydraformatic, four-way bale tension, cast iron hay wedges, hardened plunger rails and a bale case that's 12 inches longer and 19 per cent heavier. Larger tires make for smooth ride quality and help reduce soil compaction. The twine box is 35 percent larger than the Hayliner 275 to accept larger, higher strength twine balls to keep operators baling longer and reduce broken knots.

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