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Case introduces new top end variable chamber balers

May 08, 2023May 08, 2023

In May, Case brought to the world's attention the various upgrades it had made to its basic variable chamber baler model, the RB344.

The company has since heavily redesigned the top end machines in the range and launched them as the RB 456 and 466HD Pro.

These new machines are said to make higher density bales in all crops, from wet silage to dry straw, and have produced over 150,000 bales of all crop types in their development.

Aimed at farmers and contractors who typically make up to 10,000 bales a year or more, Case said that it has looked at every aspect of the baler, not only to produce better bales, but also to ensure reliability and consistency.

To help increase reliability and throughput, the machines have been fitted with heavy duty components and fewer moving parts, according to Case.

The company's engineers have also strengthened and enlarged the rolls, shafts and tailgate, and introduced a more robust gearbox and driveline.

These improvements will enable the machine to produce up to 30 bales/hr as well as simple maintenance, we are told.

An extra-wide diameter rotor helps prevent blockages, while a new active drop floor means any blockages can be cleared quickly.

Case has also re-designed the bale chamber and belt path to give well formed, dense bales that will stack efficiently.

Bale size, wraps and density pressure can all be set up on the same screen page in the cab.

The new balers come in two bale size options – the RB456 HD Pro makes 120cm-wide bales from 90cm to 165cm in diameter, while the RB466 HD Pro's are also 120cm wide but from 90cm up to 190cm in diameter.

Each size comes with three rotor options – a feeding rotor, 13 cutter knives or 25 cutter knives, making six models in all.

The new RB HD Pro can be ordered from July 2022 onwards for the spring season 2023.

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