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McHale launches Fusion 4 combi baler

Sep 06, 2023Sep 06, 2023

McHale has unveiled a new generation of Fusion combi baler-wrappers armed with a higher-throughput pick-up.

The Fusion 4 range includes the same iterations as before, with the standard model, the Pro and the Plus – the latter coming with film-on-film binding.

Both of the fancier variants are Isobus compatible, so can be run through a tractor's touchscreen as an alternative to using McHale's own terminal.

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The most significant changes are to the front end, that McHale says have increased capacity and potential bale density.

This centres around the so-called Profi-Flo pick-up, which has a heavier driveline designed to increase chain life, and a new tapered feed channel that encourages the crop to flow more smoothly to the rotor and into the bale chamber.

As standard, it carries a five-tine-bar cam-track pick-up, but buyers have the option of upgrading to a six-tine-bar camless version, which should do a better job of clearing the ground cleanly and speed up delivery of the crop to the bale chamber. Both versions are 2.1m wide.

There is also an "adaptive intake" plate that automatically rises in light crops or lowers to handle more material.

This should reduce peak loads and maintain a seamless flow in lumpy, uneven crop rows.

Following that is McHale's 25-knife chopping rotor, which butchers grass into about 46mm lengths, and the 18-roller bale chamber.

Other improvements include dual grease and oil pumps, which are rigged up to the bale tip so lubrication is applied regularly and evenly during operation.

There is also a larger net/film brake that allows up to 25% more stretch to help produce a denser bale, particularly in cold weather.

And maximum bale density has been increased, allowing a tighter, better-shaped bale to be formed that will improve fodder quality and preservation.

Pro and Plus versions have gained an extra control panel on the rear too, allowing operators to work most of the wrapping functions without being in the cab.

These also control a new set of lights under the side panel that will make it easier to replace film rolls in the dark.

Buyers with a suitable tractor can choose to upgrade to a 1,000rpm pto drive, which reduces the torque and subsequent shock loads on the driveline.

McHale recommends running this at 890rpm, so it can also help reduce fuel consumption. And, if there's a blockage, it can be switched to 540rpm to get started again.

Other options include a side-tip discharge function and both weighing and moisture recording.

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