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New round balers from Case IH and New Holland

Oct 18, 2023Oct 18, 2023

Published: December 9, 2022

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Both Case IH and sister brand New Holland have been making similar new product introductions at the same time for the past few years. This year has been no exception. Among the new equipment introduced in 2022 by both brands are round balers. They were simultaneously introduced last August.


Since it was first introduced as an option on agricultural tractors around the 1930s, the pneumatic tire has continued to…

The latest addition to the Case IH round baler family are the RB6 HD Pro series balers, which are specifically built for wet and heavy silage. The brand says the RB6 HD Pro balers allow for faster baling speeds and use fewer moving parts and chains. That makes for lower overall maintenance requirements.

A new heavy-duty drive system should provide for a more durable design and longer machine life. These models use a beefy main gearbox to drive from both the left and right sides. They have an 82-inch, tine-to-tine, heavy-duty five-bar pickup and get dual zone in-cab density settings, which allow operators to select both core and outer densities.

Upgrades and additions to Case IH's existing round baler models have also been made. The Case IH RB565 Premium round baler now features a new heavy-duty drive option with larger chains and sprockets, and it gets a larger main gearbox and higher capacity cut-out clutch. For producers who put up smaller numbers of bales each year, they can opt for the new RB456A standard round baler, which has a 30 per cent wider pickup, a stuffer feeding system and an upgraded wrapping system.

Over at New Holland, the company has been making changes to its round baler offerings too, launching what it calls the all-new Pro-Belt series and Roll-Belt 450 Utility Plus models.

The Pro-Belt round balers are designed for high-use producers and contractors who put up a lot of bales in a season, and New Holland says the Pro-Belt 450 and 460 models build solid, square-shouldered bales every time. They use heavy-duty components, like the TwinDrive gearbox, and stronger, more durable construction to improve reliability over the baler's lifetime.

The MaxiSweep pickup improves feeding and throughput of the SuperFeed rotary feeding system for the 13- or 25-knife CropCutter rotary feeding and cutting system. Inside the chamber, customers will find what the brand calls a "simple yet highly effective design" with few moving parts paired with four wide premium roll belts to minimize maintenance.

The ActiveDrop floor system is standard on all versions, minimizing the risk of plugging. To reduce periodic maintenance, automatic chain oiling and banked grease zerks are standard. An automatic greasing system and under-shield service lighting are controlled through the in-cab display.


These balers can be controlled through an ISOBUS virtual terminal display and ISOBUS connection or New Holland's own IntelliView IV 10.4-inch colour touchscreen display. Operators can make a variety of adjustments and activate IntelliBale baler automation to automate the baling cycle with a compatible New Holland tractor.

"The technology in these balers is second to none, with accurate moisture sensing and available IntelliBale baler automation to deliver the greatest productivity possible," said Jordan Milewski, conventional haytools marketing manager for New Holland Agriculture.

At the lower end of New Holland's baler product line is the Roll-Belt 450 Utility Plus model. It is designed to wrap smaller but dense four-foot by five-foot bales, and it demands just 45 PTO horsepower from a tractor to run it. This baler also includes the new SuperSweep pickup design that is 35 per cent wider and has a mechanical stuffer, delivering better feeding compared with the previous model it replaces.


Scott Garvey is a freelance writer and video producer. He is also the former machinery editor at Grainews.

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