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New square baler model from Case IH offers extra

Sep 01, 2023Sep 01, 2023

Case IH has expanded its range of large square balers with the addition of a new model in the 120cm x 70cm segment. The LB 424 XLD produces 260cm-long bales which are up to 10% heavier than those from the existing LB 424 XL – the ‘D’ standing for Density. The latter machine remains in the range.

The denser bales are mainly thanks to the LB 424 XLD's reinforced plunger which provides 400kN of compression force, a 27% increase over the LB 424 XL. Its design incorporates strong, perpendicular V-shaped support beams made from 33% thicker 8mm steel, together with four sectional reinforcement plates instead of two.

"The new model will appeal to customers who need extra-dense, well-shaped, consistent and durable large square bales for maximum output, perfect handling, lower transport costs and optimum use of storage space," Michael Jankowski, Case IH product manager, said.

Strong, versatile design

Hard wearing and versatile enough to operate in all combinable crops, the LB 424 XLD is equipped with reinforced baler chamber side doors which are twice as stiff as those on the LB 424 XL. The top door and top door density beams are also stronger and more rigid, while the front and floor sections of the bale chamber are fitted, as standard, with Hardox steel wear plates which are extremely resistant to abrasion and very durable.

The design also includes two larger, 140mm-diameter hydraulic density cylinders which exert 113% more force on the side doors; they have a deeper profile to improve rigidity and evenly distribute the additional pressure. The larger hydraulic cylinders also increase the force on the top doors by 25%, two additional density levers being used to ensure that it is evenly distributed.

Like its existing LB 424 XL stablemate, with which it has a high commonality of parts, the LB 424 XLD improves productivity by adjusting tractor speed, and by recording weight, volume and moisture data through Case IH's AFS ConnectTM technology. Both use the unique extra-strong TwineProTM knotter which eliminates twine offcuts and so avoids feed contamination. They also have multiple features to make maintenance easy, from automatic greasing, centralised lubrication, storage for 32 twine balls and direct access to maintenance points.

The Case IH range of large square balers now comprises five machines, including two 120cm x 70cm models, the new LB 424 XLD and existing LB 424 XL both being available in Packer and Rotor Cutter versions. They fit neatly between the 80cm x 70cm LB 324 XL, which is available only in Packer Cutter form, the 80cm x 90cm LB 334 XL, which comes in Packer, Packer Cutter, or Rotor Cutter versions, together with the largest 120cm x 90cm LB 434 XL Packer and Rotor Cutter models.

Strong, versatile design