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PANI, Dvara E

Jul 03, 2023Jul 03, 2023

People's Action for National Integration (PANI) has partnered with Dvara E-Registry to access and provide the FPO digital platform, Doordrishti, to small and marginal farmers in Uttar Pradesh. The project is an initiative of Tata Trusts and aims to reach 10,000 farmers in the region, for which PANI is the implementation agency. Under the project, PANI will be setting up FPO (farmer producer organisation) in Balrampur district of the state and will be leveraging the Doordrishti platform to enable seamless access to an array of services for the onboarded farmers.

Doordrishti is a mobile and web-based platform developed by Dvara E-Registry that brings together farmers, FPOs, and all other agricultural stakeholders. The platform allows farmers, FPOs, and partner institutions to leverage traditional and alternative data to digitise farmer and FPO lands, as well as business activities, and provide farmers of FPOs with farm and crop-specific products and services via a digital mode of information sharing. The platform provides critical data on crop area, aggregated month wise demand of inputs at farmer, village and FPO level, which helps FPOs in business planning, inventory management, and efficient use of credit. It also connects farmers with input suppliers, commodity buyers, warehouse linkages, and financial institutions, commodity price updates and provides agronomic and weather advisories.

Under the agreement, PANI will be making use of three main components of the Doordrishti Platform – the FPO Dashboard, which provides a comprehensive overview of FPO activities; the Krishak App, a Farmer App; and the Krishak Saathi App for field representatives. These tools will help PANI to build well-functioning and efficient FPOs that enable small and marginal farmers to enhance their agricultural productivity and improve their financial well-being.

Speaking about the tie-up, Tarun Katoch, Co-Founder & Head-Value Chain, of Dvara E-Registry, said, "We are delighted to partner with People's Action for National Integration (PANI) in our mission to transform the agricultural landscape in Uttar Pradesh. This collaboration will amplify our efforts to empower small and marginal farmers through our innovative Doordrishti platform. By joining forces with PANI, we aim to create a significant impact on the lives of farmers by providing them with the essential tools and resources needed to enhance productivity and achieve financial stability. Together, we are committed to building a more sustainable and prosperous future for India's agricultural community."

PANI's Deo Datt Singh, Head of Operations, said, "PANI works with small and marginal farmers to improve their living conditions so that they can make independent, environmentally sustainable decisions. The collaboration with Dvara E Registry and the use of the Doordrishti platform will be a watershed moment in the journey of small and marginal farmers towards sustainable farming. This application will undoubtedly improve collective decision-making and farmer empowerment in Uttar Pradesh."

Dvara E-Registry is an agri-fintech startup building a digital platform to improve access to agricultural services, both financial and advisory, for all stakeholders in the agri-value chain. The startup is a portfolio company of Dvara Holdings (formerly Dvara Trust) and part of the Dvara Venture Studio cohort that supports entrepreneurs working towards large-scale systemic change in financial inclusion.