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Take a look inside the new Massey LB square baler from the 2200 Series

Jun 25, 2023Jun 25, 2023

Massey Ferguson is rolling out some updates to its 2200 series square balers, including the pickup, interior components and technology.

Dane Mosel, tactical marketing manager with Massey Ferguson, says the LB update to the series packs new tech and plenty of features for reliability and longevity.

The LB features a continuous five bar pickup with poly wrappers and updated electric architecture to bring it in line with other Massey products, Mosel says.

The onboard telemetry unit comes standard with a five-year subscription that sends data on several components, including gearbox temperatures and productivity and sends those metrics to an app or web browser interface, allowing for full fleet management.

"Another great technology on this system: we now have twine monitoring. So we know how many feet of twine this baler has ran through. So say you load this thing up with with the 32 balls of twine run all day. And it has a monitor that tells us how many feet of twine it's used. So then, you know at the end of the day, oh, I’ve got you know, x feet and x feet equals x bale so I know that I need to reload twine yet tonight or we can push into tomorrow, those kinds of things," he says.

On the back of the unit, you’ll see the new accumulator series, as well. Mosel adds the units are equipped with GPS fencing and drop zones to position bales in the field for efficient collecting. There are two vertical stack accumulator options, too.

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