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May 04, 2023May 04, 2023

By: Cynthia Sheeley

Updated: 20 hours ago / Posted Jun 9, 2023

TORRINGTON – The Torrington City Council convened for its first June meeting on June 6 at the Torrington Council Chambers. Mayor Herb Doby was present with council members Richard Patterson, Dennis Kelly, Wayne Deahl and Shane Viktorin.

City Attorney James Eddington read the ordinance relating to the new restrictions on bar and grill licenses.

"Pursuant to Wyoming Statute Section 12-4-413 (g) and (h) all bar and grill license holders shall be required to document and provide written evidence that 60% of their revenue shall be from the combination of food services and entertainment," Eddington read.

He then explained that this ordinance was created in order to meet the new terms and regulations set forth by the state. This law states that anyone holding a bar and grill licenses must not exceed 40% of their total sales in liquor in order for them the renew their license.

The council approved the first of the three required ordinance readings. The last reading will take place on July 5.

In addition to the bar and grill licenses, Eddington also read the updated ordinance relating to minors in licensed liquor establishments that now includes requirements for these types of establishments.

According to this ordinance, establishments who hold a bar and grill license may hold host family dining events or entertainment events after submitting written plans and having them approved with the city. These plans explain how the establishment will regulate minors and restrict their access to liquor.

"[This ordinance has been in place for about a year and a half] and we’re getting really good feedback about it," Chief of Police Matt Johnson said. "It's a pretty collaborative process. We invite the license holders to come in and meet with us and we review their plan, talk about it and make suggestions."

The council approved the first of the three required ordinance readings. The last reading will take place on July 5.

Tom Troxel, the water and wastewater supervisor, presented his department's request to enter into a rental agreement for a Vactor truck. According to Troxel, the city's current truck has taken on significant damage and is undriveable. At this time, the department is waiting for the insurance claim to find out whether the truck will be totaled or if it is feasible to fix it.

In the meantime, the city is in need of a truck for emergency services and sewer/water maintenance this summer.

"Mayor and Council, I’m here to ask you folks for permission to go out for a rental agreement for a backhoe truck," Troxel said. "The rental price is very expensive, at $14,000 a month, but then again a backup could be very expensive, too."

During the warm months, the city usually uses the truck to maintain regular schedules upkeep on the sewer pipes to try to prevent backup problems. Without a truck, the city will be unable to do their regular maintenance, which could cause expensive liability problems if an issue should arise.

Troxel said they are only looking at renting the truck for three months, which should be enough time to hear back from the insurance on the other truck.

The council unanimously approved for the department to enter into the rental agreement.

Strecker presented the council with the staff's request to solicit quotes on a new one-ton pickup for the water and wastewater department. This vehicle has gone to bid, but no bids were received.

The council considered rejecting this buy and putting the budgeted money toward the Vactor truck rental, however after much discussion, they decided that this vehicle was also a necessary buy.

According to Troxel, the truck that will be replaced is more than 12 years old, is constantly in the shop and is unreliable. If the money that was budgeted last year for this truck was put toward the backhoe rental, this vehicle would not be able to be replaced for two more years, and at possibly at a higher cost.

It was decided that this purchase was unrelated to the emergency situation of the other vehicle.

With a three to one vote the council approved for the staff to attain quotes from at least three dealerships, granted the staff permission to enter into an agreement not to exceed $69,000 and to report back to the council with the results.

The council approved two amendments for the agreement with Inberg-Miller Engineers. The first amendment was for yearly environment testing required by the (Department of Environment Quality (DEQ) in the amount of $38,370. The second amendment was for a feasibility study and cost estimate to relocate the baler facility to the landfill in the amount of $25,000.

The council also approved the fourth amendment to the agreement for professional services with Trihydro Corporation. This amendment is to extend the original agreement through the construction period of the city's wastewater treatment facility project for construction administration and inspection of the project in the amount of $745,056.

The council approved three catering permits for three of the upcoming summer concert events. The first was for Tiffany Leslie with the Broncho Bar on June 7. The second was for Jan Harvey with BZ Hospitality, LLC on June 21. The third was for Sara Yung with the Open Barrel Brewing Company on June 28.

The council approved designating Project manager Mark Weis as the 504 ADA compliance officer for the city. City Clerk and Treasurer Lynette Strecker explained that they are required to go through a compliance check every three years with the USDA, which requires a specified compliance officer. After speaking with supervisors, everyone agreed that Weis was the most appropriate person for the position.

The council approved the third and final ordinance readings establishing R6-A zoning for tracts A-1 and A-2 of the Lopez addition third filing. During the May 2 meeting, Dennis Estes, the buildings and grounds superintendent, said this zoning change was recently approved by the council.

The council approved the second ordinance reading for the 2024 fiscal year budget. During this meeting and the May 16 meeting, Strecker discussed any changes and answered questions about the proposed budget. She explained that a few of the numbers on the budget are still subject to change, however, they will be finalized before the final reading which is to take place on June 20.

As per the council's decision at the last meeting, city staff solicited quotes and entered into an agreement for a new snow removal equipment displacement plow with a single axle chassis and dump body. The new truck will be delivered in May 2024.

During the mayoral informational part of the meeting, Doby gave updates on the city and said that council, some of the executive city staff and himself will be attending the Wyoming Association of Municipalities (WAM) summer meeting in Cody this week.

"There are many topics presented that directly relate to municipal government in Wyoming," Doby said. "Especially important at this meeting is mandatory fiscal training that the mayor, council and executive staff are required to have under a new statute passed by the legislature session."

Doby also gave thanks to Tom Merkel, Dennis Estes and Mike Lira for their hard work on getting the municipal swimming pool up and runnng.

The next meeting of the Torrington City Council will take place Tuesday, June 20 at 7 p.m. in the Torrington City Council Chambers at 436 East 22nd Avenue.