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Cotton Fiber Baler Bale Feeder_ Bale

Cotton Fiber Baler Bale Feeder_ Bale

Brief introduction: Now there are two options for opening the waste fabric into a single fiber: 1, The first is cutting,
Basic Info
Model NO. HR
Condition New
Customized Customized
Warranty 12 Months
Machine Item Cotton Fiber Baler
Price Lowest Reasonable Offers in The Market
Voltage 380V/50Hz 3phase Can Be Customized
After-Sales Service 24 Hours Technical Support by Email, Call, Video
Warranty Time Offer Free Spare Parts and Service Within 12 Month
Working Experience 32 Years′ Experience
Delivery Date Fast Delivery in 15days
Power 4.7kw
Capacity 4 ~ 6 Pieces Per Hour
Weight 2000kg
Transport Package Standard Package or Nude Package Customized
Specification 4 ~ 6 pieces per hour
Trademark HUARUI
Origin Qingdao City
HS Code 84451190
Production Capacity 100 Sets / Month
Product Description

Brief introduction:
Now there are two options for opening the waste fabric into a single fiber: 1, The first is cutting, opening, clearing and recycling machine, packing, this process is mainly used for: making glove yarn or low-grade non-woven fabric2, The second is cutting, opening, garneting machine, packing, this process is more widely used, can be used directly for spinning, can also be used as a non-woven fabricIn general, with the garnetting machine, compared with the cleaning and recycling machine, the length of the single fiber which is finally opened by the first machine is slightly better, and the single fiber is long, so the spinning has an advantage, but The garnetting machine is expensive compared to the recycling machine, and it depends on according to the end use of the customer.In one word, the garnetting machine production line is made for slightly high-grade spinning and non-woven fabrics, and the cleaning recycling machine production line is used for spinning and non-woven fabrics with low grades.1. Product Introduction of Packing Machine

(1)This series machine mainly is used for baling cartons, cotton yarn, plastic, wood, etc. It is designed as vertical structure, hydraulic transmission, electrical control and manual binding.(2)Usually the pressureforce of this series is from 10 ton KN to 60 ton KN, the efficiency is 4 ~ 6 pieces per hour. The weight of each piece is from 30 Kg to 300 Kg according to the material.(3)Also, we can produce the machine according to the requirement from customer.a.Adopting a hydraulic drive mechanism, Use less energy, with huge operating energyb.Electric button control, it can reaches manual adjusting and semi automatic controlc. Independent feeding opening with automatic pulling out installation, to reduce labor force.d.It can be made according to the demands of customers

2.Main technical of Packing Machine

ModelForceBale sizeBale weightEfficiencyPower (KW)Machine weightSize (mm)
LH10-604010 Ton600*400 mm30-50 KG4-6 bale/hour2.21000 KG900*650*2100
LH20-806020 Ton800*600 mm80-100 KG4-6 bale/hour41100 KG1000*750*2750
LH30-806030 Ton800*600 mm100-130 KG4-6 bale/hour5.51300 KG1000*750*2750
LH30-1107030 Ton1100*700 mm130-150KG4-6 bale/hour5.51700 KG1350*850*3200
LH40-1107040 Ton1100*700 mm180-200KG4-6 bale/hour7.51800 KG1350*850*3200
LH40-1208040 Ton1200*780 mm200-240KG4-6 bale/hour7.52050 KG1600*1050*3300
LH50-1208050 Ton1200*800 mm320-350KG4-6 bale/hour7.5 or 112600 KG1600*1050*3300
LH60-1208060 Ton1200*800 mm380-420KG4-6 bale/hour11 or 152900 KG1600*1050*3300
LH80-1208080TON1200*800 mm450-480KG4-6 bale/hour153300 KG1600*1050*3300
LH100-12080100TON1200*800 mm500-550KG4-6 bale/hour153700KG1600*1050*3300
LH120-150100120TON1500*1000 mm650-700KG4-6 bale/hour15 or 18.54300KG2100*1550*3300
LH150-150100150TON1500*1000 mm850-900KG4-6 bale/hour18.55100KG2100*1550*3300

3 Features:

1, Host Frame System

High quality thick steel plate, with Gas shielded welding sturdy frame, advanced mechanical design makes the equipment durable.

2, Conveying System

High quality thick beam frame, high-strength steel conveyor belt style.

3, Hydraulic System

Hydraulic pumps, solenoid valves and hydraulic cylinder seals and other key parts use imported components, making high packing pressure, low-speed block , durable and small noise.

4, Electronic Control System

Adopt siemens motor, original PLC programmable controller. Other buttons of paper compactor machine, sensors, infrared shooting, remote control systems and other key parts adopt imported components, realizing simple operation and easy maintenance.

5, Security Alarm System

Program control is automatically locked down five security. Alarm malfunction in the power supply phase, power procedural errors, pressure high, people mistakenly packaged mouth, all can automatically shutdown and alarm.

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