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Fully Automatic Desktop Economical Food Box Vacuum Sealing Machine Vacuum Sealing Packaging Baler

Fully Automatic Desktop Economical Food Box Vacuum Sealing Machine Vacuum Sealing Packaging Baler

Introduction: YC-BZ This machine is a new type of packaging machine. After the bag is evacuated into a vacuum, it is aut
Basic Info
Model NO. YC-BZ
Condition New
Seal Length 600mm
Packaging Time 25-30s/Time
Voltage 2*0.75kw
Weight 180kg
Transport Package Plywood Crate
Specification 1370*630*930mm
Trademark YANC
Origin Hebei
HS Code 8422400000
Production Capacity 20000pieces/Year
Product Description

Introduction: YC-BZ
This machine is a new type of packaging machine. After the bag is evacuated into a vacuum, it is automatically sealed immediately. The bag has a high degree of vacuum, less residual air, inhibits the reproduction of microorganisms such as bacteria, and avoids oxidative mildew and corruption. At the same time, for some soft items, after being packaged, the package volume can be reduced, which is convenient for transportation and storage. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, with unique appearance, beautiful and stable. The vacuum system is equipped with two single-stage rotary vane vacuum pumps, which greatly improves the working efficiency and vacuum limit, and makes the mechanical performance more reliable and the maintenance more convenient. The electrical of this machine is controlled by the machine tool circuit, the performance is stable and accurate, and the operation panel is simple and intuitive.
1. The cover is made of fully transparent plexiglass, and the packaging process is clear at a glance.
2.The double-chamber vacuum packaging machine has two vacuum chambers to work in turn, so that the packaging and sealing work and the preparation work are connected end to end, which greatly improves the packaging efficiency. Good air tightness, beautiful and durable, and meet the requirements of food hygiene and anti-corrosion.
3.This machine has a wide range of applications, high economic benefits, and is very convenient to use.
4.The items packaged by this machine have the characteristics of "four preventions", "two provinces" and "one quality assurance", preventing mildew, moth-eaten, pollution and oxidation, saving volume and freight, extending storage period, and ensuring the quality of items. The machine has the advantages of compact structure, small size, light weight, low power consumption, high sensitivity, convenient operation and maintenance.
Processing ingredients:
This machine uses composite film bags to vacuum heat seal and pack various solids, powders, pastes and liquids such as various food, medicine, native products, aquatic products, chemical raw materials, hardware and electronic components.


Product parameter:

Dimensions (mm)(L*W*H)1370*630*9301830*900*980
Standard voltage(V)380V380V
Power (kW)2*0.75KW2.2KW
Machine weigh(kg)180kg
Vacuum minimum absolute pressure≤100Pa<1KPa
Heat sealing power1KW
Packing speed 1-3times/min
Pumping speed2*20M3/h
Heat sealing line2slips/time

-We can provide the motor which suit your local voltage.

Fully Automatic Desktop Economical Food Box Vacuum Sealing Machine Vacuum Sealing Packaging Baler

Fully Automatic Desktop Economical Food Box Vacuum Sealing Machine Vacuum Sealing Packaging Baler

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Q: Is YANCHENG a trading company or a manufacturer?
A: We have our own factory beside Beijing Daxing airport, and welcome to visit our factory in China
Q: Can the voltage of the machine be adapted?
A: We can adapt the machine to your needs to match your local voltage
Q: How do you guarantee the quality of the machine?
A: We have over 38 years of experience in the food processing industry, and we have supplied machines to many famous Chinese catering brands, national enterprises
Q: Do you have an operation manual with the machine?
A: Yes, of course, it is in the English version
Q: Can you offer us the necessary paper to do the customs clearance?
A: Yes, we will send you the commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading and we'll also meet your other request
Q: How about the packing?
A: Outside Package: Wooden packing crate as export standard; Inside Package: Stretch film.